RowingBeaconDigital rowing logbook

The Project

RowingBeacon is a digital logbook designed for rowing clubs. Available both on the web and as a desktop application, it greatly simplifies the management of outings for clubs.

The application is inspired by traditional outing logbooks and digital logbooks such as efa2. But it offers a simpler experience with more advanced features.


⚡ Easy and Quick Recording

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, rowers can record their outing quickly. All rowers, boats, and routes are pre-registered; you just need to select the correct values.

📊 Data Analysis

The data recorded for each outing is valuable. RowingBeacon allows clubs to analyze this data to gain insights.

For example, you can:

  • compare the performance of your rowers
  • analyze the most frequently used routes or boats
  • track the number of outings performed by each rower, based on the boat and crew

🚨 Incident Tracking

In case of an incident, rowers can report it directly from the application. The incidents are then recorded in a logbook, accessible at any time.

🛶 Boat Reservations and Crew Building

Reserve boats and build crews in advance from the website. Once on site, you just have to row!

📱 Remote Outing Monitoring

To quickly find the crew, coaches can remotely consult information related to ongoing outings (route / arrival time, notes) via their phone.

🔧 Easy to Install and Configure

You may have already tried other similar software. Often, they are complicated to install and configure. Here, everything has been designed to be simple. You can start using the application in just a few minutes.

Project Status

RowingBeacon is currently under development. If you would like to be kept informed of the project's progress, you can contact me by email at the following address: